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Engagement Story

Tisha & Ryan

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How they met::
One Summer night in 2011 Tisha received a call from her friend to go out in downtown Kirkland. While at Wilde Rover she ran into an old friend who was with Ryan that evening. They were interested in leaving to another place where there was music and invited my friend and I to join them. Tisha was drawn to Ryan’s calm demeanor and Ryan was attracted to Tisha’s outgoing personality. They ended up talking and laughing the night away. When they were leaving to finish out the evening at a friend’s house Ryan reached for Tisha’s hand and captured her heart. Although Tisha and Ryan had met two years prior, this time that their paths crossed would be the beginning of their lives together.

How he proposed::
Ryan had asked me to help him out with something on his Dad's boat one weekend in February. He told me that we were meeting his Dad down at the Kirkland Marina and to dress warm. Although, it was February I didn't think much of it - I was just excited to go out on the boat and help with whatever was needed. It was actually one of those beautiful Winter days in Kirkland, WA where it had snowed the night before, but the next day the sun was shining through a few clouds and there was no rain in sight. As with any adventure with Ryan he insisted we stop off at Starbucks before we walk down to the dock. We walked hand in hand down the dock and shortly thereafter I noticed his Dad did not have his boat docked yet. While we waited for Ryan's Dad to arrive with his boat Ryan suggested we take one of those fun photos where you create an illusion of a large item looking smaller and had me put my arms up as if I was holding the Seattle skyline. At that time he got down on one knee and pretended to take a photo, but instead of grabbing for his phone he pulled a ring box out of his pocket and looked up at me with such innocent, hope and tears in his eyes. I waited for him to say something, but no words came out, I could tell he was extremely nervous, so I just said 'YES',he put the ring on my finger and we both cried as we held each other tightly. As we walked back down the dock to our car he mentioned needing to go home right away where I would be surprised by both of our families waiting at our house with champagne and smiles telling me that they were all there in the gazebo at the Kirkland Marina where his sister took photos to capture one of the most memorable moments in our life.

Engagement photos::
For their session they wanted to do something cozy...intimate...combined with a few outdoors as well. They cuddled up in my studio and these two know how to cuddle. They totally forgot I was even around as they snuggled and affirmed the love they each have for one another. I also love that these two can laugh together. Like a goofy laugh. It is so sweet and genuine and totally who they are. They don't take themselves too seriously and they knew they were meant to be after their first date.
We later headed down to the river to have a bit more freedom to walk and wander...
I think if I had to describe their love I would say it's 'easy'. It is free and easy and they are tender with each other. A word I don't take lightly.
I can't wait for their June wedding and more importantly neither can they!!!